About Me

I am a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker. I have received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Newman University in 2013 and my Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies from The University of Kansas in 2006.

I provide psychotherapy to families and individuals.  I specialize in the areas of developmental delays, Autism, trauma, abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual), grief and loss, depression, anxiety and play therapy for ages 2 and up.

Within my work, I utilize EMDR®, Child Centered Play Therapy, Faith Based Counseling and AutPlay Therapy®.

Mission Statement

At Erika Walker Therapy, I strive to offer my clients the utmost quality of care. I work with toddlers, children, teens, adults, elderly, and families through a combination of respect, knowledge and compassion to promote personal growth and development. Whether a client is struggling with trauma related symptoms, anxiety, depression, a developmental delay, social deficiencies, family relational problems, attention difficulties, or any number of other struggles, it is my goal to guide the client and/or the client’s family through individualized goals to improve their quality of life. There seems to come a point in each of our lives where we need guidance and someone with whom to talk. I have chosen to be that ‘someone’ that will assist my clients on their path to a fulfilling and mentally healthy future.


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