New Beginnings

2016-07-04 16.39.35My journey into private practice was not easy by any means. I had obstacles that I had to overcome, both professionally and personally. However, I am thankful for these hurdles because they have made me a better clinician and a better person. I am able to help the individuals and families that I do more effectively because of these hurdles.

Ever since I was a case manager at a local mental health agency, I knew I wanted to become a therapist, more specifically a play therapist. I asked the therapist that all of the children on my caseload were seeing, “Where can I learn to do what you do?” She told me that she got her social work degree from Newman and then took play therapy classes. When the time was right for my family and I, I studied at Newman and got my master’s degree in social work. From there, I started work at the same community mental health center where I was first introduced to therapy, this time as a therapist.

My time at the mental health agency was eye opening. I learned a lot about the community and the struggles that the children I served went through on a daily basis. The knowledge that I learned from my colleagues and supervisors is irreplaceable. Even though this stop on my overall journey was somewhat short, I am thankful for the opportunities that I was afforded while I was there.

When this chapter of my therapy journey ended, another one started. Private practice was where I was headed. The group I joined was small, but seemed like the right fit for me. I was able to make my own hours, not have a billable expectation to meet, and there wasn’t anyone breathing down my neck about paperwork. I was able to go at my own pace…which I loved!!!

There came a time while I was at this practice that I felt as though something wasn’t quite right. I began to discuss my options with my clinical supervisor. She assured me that I could “do this” on my own. When my time at the private practice group abruptly ended, I quickly got my own practice up and running. Thankfully, it was something I already had in the works and there wasn’t even a full week that passed before I was able to continue helping the clients that I had been providing services for.

Social media and Psychology Today were my lifeline to the clients and families that I had built a bond with and were making progress on treatment, most of my existing clients sought me out via these means. Since being in my new location I have replenished my caseload to where it was when I was at the group. I love that all of my new clients have been by word of mouth. I love that I get to help people on a daily basis. I get to help them face their darkest demons and find ways to be at peace with the issues in their lives.

I am excited to see where this next step in my career and life will take me. I feel so blessed and thankful that my clients have been willing to work with me during this move. My clients love the new office almost as much as I do (pictures to come). I also feel extremely grateful to my new “office neighbors” and the population of Andover for welcoming me to their wonderful community.

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